SupplyVue Solver pilot achieves quick win gains for FMCG manufacturer

Two weeks ago, the SupplyVue team started an ambitious pilot at a UK FMCG manufacturer with the goal of delivering quick win gains in inventory levels and operational efficiency. The approach to achieving this was to review and reset the inventory and replenishment parameters that drive the planning and scheduling process and software tools. In doing this we would better align the hand-off between the inventory management and the manufacturing processes, reduce frozen periods and better align the replenishment process. Aiming for a win-win scenario for the functions and a big win outcome for the business. The outcome effect would be a less noisy and interrupted schedule onto manufacturing, fewer unplanned changeovers, lower inventory, and an overall reduction in operational costs.  

Working together with the client team we had a ‘hot house’ approach to the data capture and got it loaded in a week. Then our team embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business, examining their four production lines and a portfolio of 600 SKUs, the associated inventory levels, service achieved, and the manufacturing plan, schedule, and process.

Today, we’re delighted to report that the analysis and modelling work has paid off! Thanks to our sophisticated analytics and modelling capability, we’ve pinpointed several policy adjustments that promise to transform our client’s replenishment processes. 

Delving deeper into our client’s processes, we identified their adoption of ‘production wheels’—a system characterised by fixed cycle, variable quantity manufacturing was cycling too slowly. Our intervention was aimed at recalibrating the frequencies of these wheel cycles, crafting a more optimal schedule, considering the whole portfolio for each line. The beauty of these refinements is that they can be adopted quickly and easily, enabling our client to gain the quick wins they were hoping for. By implementing these changes, we found a quick win inventory reduction benefit of 25% together with a 10% reduction in total changeover time.

This was a first small step for this client. The results speak for themselves. So, could your business be the next to benefit from such improvements? At SupplyVue, we are ready and available to replicate this success at your business.

If the prospect of reducing inventory and boosting operational efficiency resonates with you, we encourage you to reach out. Let’s embark on a journey of transformation together.

Contact us today, and let’s explore what SupplyVue can accomplish for your business in just two weeks!


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