Optimise with a supply chain digital twin

Supply Chain Digital Twin

What is a supply chain digital twin?

“A (supply chain) digital twin is a virtual supply chain replica that represents hundreds of assets, warehouses, logistics and material flows, and inventory positions. Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), the digital twin simulates the supply chain’s performance, including all the complexity that drives value loss and risks. It identifies where volatility and uncertainty exist, as well as where optimization is possible.”
Boston Consulting Group

What we do

SupplyVue Navigate

Developed by supply chain experts and academics to address short comings in existing solutions, SupplyVue Navigate provides digital twin optimisation through:

Built on a cloud-based technology platform, SupplyVue Navigate uses the latest version of Azure to ensure the software is fully interactive, scalable and of enterprise quality.

SupplyVue: Core functionality


SupplyVue Solver is a multi-objective function optimisation (i.e. service, cost, carbon) solution that determines the policies and parameters to optimally balance costs, carbon emissions and service across the supply chain.


SupplyVue Navigator is a supply chain digital twin for off-line analysis and modelling. It enables you to analyse performance, assess network risk and resilience, then model and evaluate proposed solutions.

Network Planner

SupplyVue Network Planner is a multi-echelon network planning solution. It propagates demand through the network, aligned to a repetitive supply cycle rhythm, resulting in a predictable, stable demand drumbeat that synchronises activities across the supply chain.

Digital Twin

Our platform builds a data model that replicates your supply chain and is ready to use for analytics, modelling, and simulation.

Improvement Scenarios​
Synchronised Parameters​
  • Transaction Systems
  • IoT and operational equipment
  • Planning Systems

Core Functionality

Supply Chain Digital Twin

Creates a digital replica of your supply chain that provides a single repository that spans the whole organisation and supports self-service analytics. Structured to ensure visibility through multiple perspectives and at different hierarchy levels (e.g. demand segments, source site mapping, etc.) and to enable ‘drill down’ to transaction level detail for root cause analysis.

Excellence Diagnostic

Assesses your supply chain with clearly defined, consistent metrics focussed on process excellence, not just business outcomes. Allowing you to view and benchmark performance across the organisation in a consistent and objective fashion and to target improvement projects that support integration of the supply chain and deliver efficiencies and cost reductions.


Generates a production plan template to drive economies of repetitions in supply chain execution, by calculating fixed production cycles to improve plan stability for manufacturing AND provide more predictable and reliable supply for inventory management and customer service.  Generic algorithms calculate optimal settings for overall supply chain cost and/or carbon minimisation goals for the supply chain.

Scenario Planning and Simulation

Tests supply chain design through what-if scenario modelling, sensitivity analysis and simulation. Run end to end simulation to test the policies and tune the settings. Run What-if modelling scenarios to support Network risk management and business tactical planning. Evaluate investment options, resource level changes and find opportunities to make the supply chain more efficient and effective.

Get started

Easy start + quick to scale = fast payback

Easy IT integration

  • Does not require immediate IT integration
  • Set up a ‘representative’ cut of data within weeks ready for analysis and modelling
  • Extend to cover the full scope of the supply chain within months

Innovative capabilities

  • Adopt best practice approach for supply chain synchronisation
  • Leverage pre-built analytics to assess your supply chain’s performance
  • Identify optimal plans and benefits with algorithmic modelling and simulations

Fast payback

  • See a positive return on investment within the first year
  • Replace the need to build your own bespoke supply chain data platform
  • Accelerate your supply chains agility and responsiveness


Intelligent supply chain design for a disrupted world