Make planning your competitive advantage

SupplyVue solutions enable you to synchronise your supply chain, transforming it into a competitive advantage. Our digital twin technology provides real-time analytics, risk assessment, and network resilience analysis, supporting strategic, tactical, and operational planning.

Decision ready data-model

Get a shared view of trusted supply chain data

Get a unified view of trusted supply chain data with our data model. Consolidate and normalise data to gain end-to-end insights, making it easy to perform queries and generate reports. Our secure and robust platform saves you months of development time and accelerates time-to-value.

Excellence Diagnostic

Break through decision inertia to improve the way you operate

Process excellence leads to business performance excellence, but gaining alignment on what needs to be done, by whom, can be very difficult without clearly presented analysis and recommendations. SupplyVue Solver automates data analysis to deliver an executive level supply chain excellence and opportunity assessment report. This covers six key dimensions and will reveal how well your supply chain processes are performing, and the business benefits available from improvement.

Policy and Parameter setting

Managing policies and parameters rather than firefighting

Streamline your supply chain management by setting consistent policies and parameters with the solver. It calculates repetitive flexible supply cycle planning templates to trade-off between manufacturing changeover cost and inventory levels.  It provides visibility and control over supply chains that senior management can monitor over time. You can track parameter compliance and adjust values to ensure your supply chain responds quickly to any new requirements and context changes, whilst also reducing the level of manual intervention.


Manage a synchronised supply chain

Using the optimised planning parameters from SupplyVue Solver, create operational network plans that will synchronise activities and product flow across the supply chain network. Support RCCP planning decisions with sensitivity analysis to test the robustness of those decisions. SupplyVue Network Planner has interactive plan-solving capability enabling the user to control how the plan should be solved, adjusting capacity, smoothing demand or reducing production volumes. Beyond the detailed constraining horizon, the user can run planning scenarios to support rough-cut capacity planning decisions ensuring the plan is feasible for the full plan horizon.

SupplyVue allows you to…


Synchronise for Success