Synchronise for success

Synchronise activities across your supply chain for radically better results.

SupplyVue products span the critical process hand-offs in the supply chain, synchronising activities for seamless product flow.

  • SupplyVue Solver uses artificial intelligence to optimise production wheel templates and network policy parameter
  • SupplyVue Network Planner provides intelligent plan constraining for synchronised drumbeat flow across your supply chain network

Our Approach unlocks efficiency

Streamlining Supply Chain Flow

Despite significant investments in technology, many businesses still experience poor product flow and higher-than-necessary costs within their supply chains. The root cause of this issue lies in poorly defined rules on how the process hand-offs work between the functions in the supply chain. 

The Consequence of Poor Replenishment Policies 

Typically, for a manufacturing business, demand is placed onto factories without a clear pattern; uncoordinated across sites, and with quantities and order intervals varying between runs. To address this, factories often resort to longer scheduling horizons, grouping demand into larger batches, and producing to the earliest demand requirement. This approach leads to increased inventory levels, poorer service, and lots of manual intervention and firefighting. 

Breaking the Cycle of Inefficiency

The solution lies in how demand is placed. By aligning demand placement with operational capabilities  while still being responsive to market needs, businesses can overcome these challenges. Our approach is based on using production wheel planning to design templates for each production line and synchronise activities around a defined drumbeat. 

Achieving Synchronised Supply Chain Success

By setting accurate policy parameters that span the hand-offs across the supply chain, we enable seamless information and product flow that responds to change in a controlled manner. With our approach and technology solutions, businesses can achieve a synchronised supply chain that is better equipped to adapt to changing market demands. 

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The Key to Efficient Production Planning

What is a Production Wheel Template?

A production wheel template is a detailed design for a production line that outlines the product, and sequence of production within each week, for several weeks forward. This template design will minimise changeover costs and maximise product flow.

Predictable Demand and Stable Schedules

By implementing a production wheel template, demand on the factory becomes predictable and stable, with a minimized scheduling horizon. This enables better planning and control over actual production and eliminates last-minute adjustments.

Safety Stock Policies for High Availability

The production wheel template predictability enables more precise safety stock policies to ensure high stock availability. This means that inventory levels are maintained at optimal levels, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Unlocking a Seamless Supply Chain

Managing a supply chain is a difficult task with multiple conflicts and trade-offs. You want to achieve efficiency and reliability whilst dealing with risk and uncertainty.

Supply chain synchronisation is the key to making it easier; creating predictable repeating cycles enables you to respond to change in a controlled and seamless way, generating stability from apparent chaos and delivering a holistically optimised supply chain.


Synchronise for Success