Take control of your Supply chain achieving 30% inventory reduction to release cash

SupplyVue is an analytics and planning solution that enables you to improve service and reduce cost by synchronising your processes across your supply chain network.

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We believe, one day all supply chain networks will be self-managing, synchronised and sustainable.


What SupplyVue does:

Many companies suffer from poor visibility and understanding of the information across their supply chains. SupplyVue enables companies to achieve a data driven high performance supply chain that is synchronised and sustainable. Developed by industry experts SupplyVue incorporates a unique and powerful combination of capabilities; including Monte Carlo simulation, genetic algorithms and smart heuristics:


SEE: An automatic diagnostic tool that provides insights into how well your supply chain is synchronised and how processes are performing.


ASSESS: Modelling and simulation to solve and evaluate the impact of improvement performance to give confidence in the decision making process.


PLAN: Self-managing, network planning that will synchronise your supply chain, create stable and predictable plans, enabling you to deliver better service at lower cost.

Synchronising your supply chain will deliver improved control and a 30% inventory reduction at lower cost.


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Lack of synchronisation results in

High inventory
Increased cost to serve
Poor service

When information exchange and supply chain activities are synchronised, each member of the team has the information they need to do their job effectively. There is no rework of plans, product flows efficiently and buffers are minimised in the supply chain. SupplyVue ensures issues are caught and fixed long before they cause lasting damage, as well as giving you on-going recommendations to see that they don’t arise again.

To learn more about Supply chain synchronisation and the benefits it will bring read our white paper, Synchronise for Success.

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How different people in organisation can benefit from using SupplyVue

SupplyVue is a cloud-based solution that overlays your existing systems, allowing you to get started without any major systems overhaul.

From experience, we know that every companies supply chains are at a different stage of maturity.


We have the expertise to help you progress three unique user cases to achieve a sustainable sycronised supply chain.

Enabling your centre of excellence with E2E visibility, analysis and modelling capability

Delivering syncronisation with a self-managing network syncronisation planner

Enrich your S&OP process with analytics

We are supply chain and data analytics experts

Andy Birtwistle


30 years of experience managing supply chains across the oil, tobacco, pharmaceutical, Hi-tech and FMCG sectors

Kim Lloyd

EMEA Director

25 years as a Supply Chain Manager and change agent in Hi-tech and FMCG sectors.

Christine McNeill

Head of Client Engagement

25 years’ experience across a range of industries including Industrial Gases, Oil & Gas, Hi-tech, Retail and Consumer Goods. 

Jason Landry

Head of Consulting and Advisory Services

Significant experience building and leading consulting teams in the data analytics sector

Graham Kennedy

Head of Product Development

Specialist agile scrum master with 20+ years of experience in software product design, development and technology delivery

James Bosworth

Product Owner

Specialist in using agile methods to design data and technology solutions that unlock business value.

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