Synchronise for success

Build an agile and responsive supply chain that is resilient, sustainable, and smart. 

SupplyVue is composed of two supply chain solutions that enable you to synchronise your supply chain for radically better results. Solver, for supply chain planning and scheduling parameter design and a Network Planner for synchronised drumbeat flow. 

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Intelligent parameter management

Managing supply chains is hard. You must respond rapidly to disruption while preserving rhythm and repetition in your processes. Supply chain synchronisation is the key; it creates predictable repeating cycles for a holistically optimised supply chain and enables you to respond to change in a controlled, seamless way. To achieve this, you must better manage the parameters used in your supply chain planning process. SupplyVue enables you to:

Developed by supply chain experts in conjunction with leading academics and global businesses, SupplyVue uses the data from your underlying systems to provide analytics, optimisation, planning, and simulation on a single platform.

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Cloud-based decision support

Strengthen your supply chain’s intelligence

Developed by supply chain experts in conjunction with leading academics and global businesses, SupplyVue uses the data from your underlying systems to provide analytics, optimisation, planning, and simulation on a single platform.

SupplyVue: Core functionality


SupplyVue Solver is a multi-objective function optimisation (i.e. service, cost, carbon) solution that determines the policies and parameters to optimally balance costs, carbon emissions and service across the supply chain.


SupplyVue Navigator is a supply chain digital twin for off-line analysis and modelling. It enables you to analyse performance, assess network risk and resilience, then model and evaluate proposed solutions.

Network Planner

SupplyVue Network Planner is a multi-echelon network planning solution. It propagates demand through the network, aligned to a repetitive supply cycle rhythm, resulting in a predictable, stable demand drumbeat that synchronises activities across the supply chain.

Digital Twin

Our platform builds a data model that replicates your supply chain and is ready to use for analytics, modelling, and simulation.

Improvement Scenarios​
Synchronised Parameters​
  • Transaction Systems
  • IoT and operational equipment
  • Planning Systems

Use Cases

Make planning your competitive advantage

Decision-ready data model

Gain access to cleansed, normalised data that is structured and available for end-to-end supply chain analysis, modelling, and self-service reporting.

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Excellence assessment

Turn data into insights, revealing where there is bullwhip and volatility; where supply and demand are poorly synchronised; how resilient is your supply chain, how carbon efficient is your supply chain and the carbon cost to serve, where there are resource inefficiencies, and what is the size of the opportunity for improvement.

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Policy and Parameter setting

A powerful production wheel modelling add-on to your planning system. Fix the causes of volatility and inefficiency by using repetitive flexible supply cycles for a synchronised flow – optimising using a choice of objective functions; cost, service, or carbon, to find the optimal set-up for your supply chain.

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Strategic and annual planning

Run what-if scenarios to create responses to changes in demand and supply. Define and evaluate projects. Simulate the execution of plans, test the robustness of policies, and predict resource requirements.

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S&OE and parameter tuning

Monitor progress to ensure rules and procedures are being followed. Keep parameter values up to date using machine-driven adjustments, given any changes in demand, supply, and available capacity.

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Network Operational and rough-cut capacity planning

Using the optimised planning parameters from SupplyVue Solver, create operational network plans that will synchronise activities and product flow across the supply chain network. Support RCCP planning decisions with sensitivity analysis to test the robustness of those decisions.

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Use Cases

Make planning your competitive advantage

Get started

Easy start + quick to scale = fast payback

Easy IT integration

  • Does not require immediate IT integration
  • Set up a ‘representative’ cut of data within weeks ready for analysis and modelling
  • Extend to cover the full scope of the supply chain within months

Innovative capabilities

  • Adopt best practice approach for supply chain synchronisation
  • Leverage pre-built analytics to assess your supply chain’s performance
  • Identify optimal plans and benefits with algorithmic modelling and simulations

Fast payback

  • See a positive return on investment within the first year
  • Replace the need to build your own bespoke supply chain data platform
  • Accelerate your supply chains agility and responsiveness


Intelligent supply chain design for a disrupted world